Having lived in Kelowna for two years for school I never actually got to make the trip out to the island. Unfortunate because it’s quite possibly my favourite place in Canada. You don’t really get to do much fun stuff when you’re in a condensed course that runs through summer; and any time I did have available I’d rush back to Calgary to visit my family and friends.

So this summer I was determined to make it out to the island and see as much of it as possible. Tofino had been at the top of my list for a very long time and the last time we made it out to Vancouver Island we ended up just staying in Victoria since all of the construction at the time made to drive to Tofino 6 hours as apposed to its usual 4 hours. Not that I’m complaining because Victoria had a lot of delicious food and beautiful views, but this time I was determined to make the drive out there and nothing could stop me!

Luckily for us Adams parents live just outside of Vernon which allows us to cut the driving time in half with a night stop there.

We were off early the next day…ok not the next day. And probably not that early…ok noon. We made it out to Nanaimo where we were lucky enough to have Adams aunts place to stay at. We were also lucky enough to catch the ferry at sunset.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry

We spent two nights at her house drinking coffee all morning while Rosko chased the chickens out of the yard (I felt bad at first but she assured us it was a good thing cause’ they’ve been destroying her yard, who knew!…probably lots of people). We spent the day looking for the perfect beach for Rosko. That’s when we found Shell Beach.

Shell Beach Reserve

Shell Beach Reserve

Shell Beach Reserve

Shell Beach Reserve with Adam and Rosko

It was definitely perfect. It was quiet and dog friendly and absolutely covered with beautiful shells. I don’t know if my memory is playing with the image but all I can remember is zero sand and all shells.

Rosko loves rolling around

Will continue with part two of the trip soon!

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