After all of the Vancouver Island adventures in part 1 of my story, I finally made it to Tofino. Being one of my favourite places, I hope to one day live on the ocean, though I don’t think I would choose Tofino.  Not that it disappointed.  Tofino had all the atmosphere and small town appeal I was imagining and hoping for.

We left Nanaimo early and started the 4-hour drive up the island highway. We still hadn’t found a place to stay even though I had been calling campsites and looking on Airbnb for 3 days. So, a tip for anyone wanting to go to Tofino…book your campsite or Airbnb a couple months in advance!

The whole drive out to Tofino I was watching out for campsites by the highway and noted one that we made indefinite plans to get back to about two hours outside of Tofino. I know I know, it seems weird to drive 4 hours to somewhere you don’t even know where you’re going to stay, but like I said before: I was determined. And honestly the drive was one of my favorite parts. The road is full of twists and turns, surrounded by forests and glimpses of the ocean through the trees.

By the time we got to town we were starving, so I Googled “best Tofino fish and chips” – and off we went.  After perusing a few menus we settled on a sidewalk fish and chips stand that looked busy.  We got a box to share and went to find a spot overlooking the ocean.

Tofino Round Towel

We continued walking around the main streets with Rosko until we found a shop that sells the Tofino round towels that I love.  With a little help from my birthday present money, I splurged for the limited edition “Eagles Moon and the Four Directions” by Roy Henry Vickers – and I’m so happy I did! They’re designed locally and the towel is double sided and absolutely gorgeous.

Rosko enjoying my towel on Sugar Lake


Tofino Brews and Tofino Towel on the beach

Beach hangs on my new towel with Tofino beers and sand dollars


We needed to put that towel to good use – so we decided to find the beach. On the way, we stopped by the Tofino Brewing company. Had we not been short on time I would’ve loved to hang out at that brewery more. It was such a nice atmosphere and I loved their concept of drawing their inspiration for the beer from the West coast environment.

Tofino Brew Co.

If anyone in Calgary sees Tofino Brewing Co. in stores here let me know!

We continued with our journey to the beach. We were in search of Long Beach but thought we missed it (we didn’t) so we stopped at the first beach we saw. We walked down a long rain forest path before we got to the beach. With my new round towel, we set up camp and sat for a couple hours drinking our Tofino beer and then explored a little.

Rosko and Rosko walking on Tofino Beach


Rosko exploring rocks and barnicles on Tofino Beach

Rosko the Explorer 

Jessica and Rosko walking on Tofino Beach

Romantic walks on the beach with my main man

Tofino Rainforest by the beach

Rosko Posing on Tofino Beach


Jessica and Adam on Tofino Beach

One of very few photos of Adam and I 

Tofino Beach Jessica on Tofino Beach

When it started to get late we decided to try and make it back to that campsite we’d passed earlier, before it got dark. We did not make it there before dark. When we got there, there were no spare spots like it had said they had on their website.

If you’ve seen my car before, it’s not very big. It’s a Toyota Yaris and it had my suitcase in it, Adams suitcase, camping gear and Rosko. I did not want to sleep in the car.

Adam’s uncle, who we were planning on seeing the next day, lived on Denman Island – an hour drive and a 20 minute ferry ride away. The last scheduled ferry was at 11:00 pm so we rushed to the terminal as fast as we could. We made it at about 20 minutes to the hour – and when we went through to buy our tickets the teller told us that we were lucky.  The last ferry run had been cancelled – and the only reason they were sending one over was because an ambulance had to get across. We waited for about 2 minutes for the ambulance to arrive then we were off right away. So, had we even made it to the ferry 5 minutes later, we’d have missed it.

Instead of the cramped little Yaris we were set up in a cute little cabin on Adam’s Uncle’s property and I had one if the best sleeps I’d had on the entire vacation.

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