Cold days are for galleries. Especially my favourite kind of gallery- free galleries. The Esker Foundation in Inglewood is a free gallery and currently has one of my favourite installations I’ve ever seen. TBH I haven’t seen that many. But this one is the best cause there’s animals. The work is by Mary Anne Barkhouse and portrays environmental and Indigenous issues. Owls, beavers and foxes mixed in with Victorian style furniture are staged throughout with velvet’s and glass blown sculptures. Wolves and foxes are my absolute favourite so I was hooked right away.  I also liked how it touched on important issues and found all of the art descriptions easy to read and super interesting. Unfortunately, I was in a rush when I was leaving the house and forgot to grab my camera, so you’ll have to excuse my poor quality Iphone pictures!

Coffee shop by the Esker Foundation

But first-coffee

First, we stopped at Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar located right next to the gallery. If you’ve never been here before you should definitely check it out. I love the interior design and their pumpkin spice lattes are delish and homemade with pumpkin puree and spices instead of syrup.

When you walk into the building for the Esker Foundation they have an art installation right beside the front doors that you can check out before heading up to the exhibit.

Esker Foundation Entrance

Building Entrance Art

They have pamphlets at the front desk you can grab when you go in and say hi to who ever’s at the front desk and they can give you a little background on the current exhibit.

Esker Foundation Art Installation

Art! With animals!

Esker Foundation

Esker Foundation

Esker Foundation Interior

Esker Foundation

Alpha Wolf 

Esker Foundation

Beaver reading scroll with First Nations Treaties

Esker Foundation

Rachael leaving no stone unturned

Esker Foundation

A piece of the scroll the beaver is reading

Rachael at the Esker Foundation

Rachael in her natural habitat


I loved all of the juxtaposition seen throughout with the materials and style and can say without a doubt it’s one of my favourite exhibits I’ve been to. The installation is on September 16- December 22. Definitely take the time to go check it out…I mean…it’s free! Also, Inglewood is a super nice neighbourhood to explore.

On our way home I dragged Rachael into Bite Grocery and Eatery right next to the foundation. I mean…who could resist this?

Grocery by the Esker Foundation

Dessert cooler at Bite Grocery 

Grocery by the Esker Foundation

More desserts at Bite Grocery 

I wanted everything. But somehow managed to leave with just the essentials…

Grocery by the Esker Foundation

Molcajete Salsa de Arbol from Bite Grocery

Yes, chips and salsa are essential. Also the interior design! These are a few of my favourite things.

Grocery by the Esker Foundation

Bite Grocery and Eatery Entrance Interior

So if you have a free afternoon or are looking for a cheap date idea- head down to the Esker Foundation in Inglewood for some free art! Especially before December 22 while Mary Anne Barkhouse is still there. Just not Mondays. They’re closed Mondays. I wasn’t even allowed to share my favourite piece because of no picture signs but that just means I can’t spoil it for you.

Esker Foundation

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