Hi everybody! Hope your week is going well! I’ve been spending the last week or two hard at work at my design job. I’ve been busy busy and hopefully will be able to share some design stuff with you soon! But since I was so busy at work it inspired me to do some designing for my dads kitchen reno design (which TBH hes not planning on doing for at least another year but I’m a super patient person…not).

For the past year or so I’ve been playing around in the back of my mind of trying to get into staging houses and doing furniture selections. Putting these together kind of made me change my mind. I tried to get as much feedback as I could from a couple people close to me while I was putting it together and dang. It is super hard to please everybody. And for some reason I don’t think my personal furniture style coincides with the finishes I tend to lean towards. Anyways, it got a little messy but I think I figured it out in the end! Let me know what you think.

Kitchen Reno Design Option #1Kitchen Reno Design Option #1


Kitchen Reno Design Option #2

  Kitchen Reno Design Option #2
  • Back splash – Euro Ceramic Tile – Herringbone Series in Wooden Grey – This one is meant to be a window of tile above the stove with a simple subway tile for the rest of the backsplash.
  • Counter top – Caesarstone – Piatra Grey – Again Caesarstone quartz is a beautiful and sturdy material while keeping a decent price point.
  • Island / Perimeter – White on the perimeter makes the space seem larger and cleaner while the stained wood on the island creates a center point in the kitchen.
  • Flooring – Torlys Everwood Premier – Beach House – Super durable with a great price point.
  • Faucet – Delta – Trinsic – I chose the black faucet for this design for the contrast against the white subway tile making it more of a focal point.
  • Sink –  Blanco Quatrus R15 U2
  • Hardware – Marathon Hardware – 9331 Series – Again with the black in this design to create a focal point against the white cabinets while playing with the black faucet and black lighting.
  • Kitchen Island Accent – realstone Systems – Charcoal Shadowstone Panel
  • Kitchen Island Seating – Wayfair – Amendola – This beauty has a great price point as well as choc full of 5 star reviews. The clean sleek lines of the legs played very well with the lines of the dining area lighting.
  • Dining Chair – Restoration Hardware – Vintage French Round – Again I said forget price point. This baby is beautiful. Normally I wouldn’t spec all of this black furniture together but the dining area in my dads place is surrounded by big windows to brighten it up. And with tables its very easy to bring in colour with a table run, place setting or even flowers.
  • Dining Table – Restoration Hardware – St. James Collection – Again bringing in a black focal point and those lines of the legs to play with the lines of the lighting bringing it all together!
  • Dining Area Pendant – Hinkley Lighting – Clancy – I chose this chandelier in the brushed steel as opposed to the aged zinc so that I had something to unite the sink with the rest of the kitchen. A lot of people question if there should be more than one metal in a design but I say the more the merrier if it’s done right!
  • Kitchen Island Pendant – Feiss Lighting – The Parker Place Collection 
  • Paint – Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter


I had to do a couple revisions to get it to this but I really wanted it to be difficult for people to pick which is their favourite.

There’s a couple selections that I used for both kitchen reno design options and that’s because (at least for me personally) they’re unbeatable in more than one way. First up is the flooring. This is something I learned from working at a renovation company. You choose the floor first and build up from there because it’s the hardest thing to change. I also chose this particular flooring for both because it is gorgeous, durable and budget friendly. Torly’s Beach House has a nice grey tone to it (which I love grey in case you didn’t notice) which is super easy to work with. It’s a luxury vinyl plank with cork backing and is next to indestructible (including water resistance).

The sink! Such a small part of your daily routine that you may not even notice but CHECK THIS BABY OUT! Sorry, I’ll calm down. But seriously. Check those nice radial corners out. Exceptionally nicer than that rounder ones you’re maybe used to seeing. There’s a big version and a small version and I went with the larger for my dads plan cause…the bigger the better obviously. Are you a designer with a favourite sink you like to spec in projects? If so let me know! I’d love to see.

And last but not least the paint colour. Revere Pewter is something my painter brother called “basic” but I was all like whatever. You see Revere Pewter every where because its perfect and I’m sticking to it. It’s a warm grey which means it doesn’t come off looking…well…cold. I know not everyone is a fan of grey but I think it’s at least the best to use on your walls. I used to always pick the brightest craziest colours for my bedroom as a kid (and maybe even a little bit into my 20’s..) but then would get sick of them so fast. Grey is an amazing way to change the colour out through your decorations and even plants.

This is just my first go at a post like this so let me know if there’s anything different you’d like to see because I had a lot of fun with it and would love to get better at them by doing more! And any questions or comments are more than welcome!

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